Jewelry is basically anything made from precious stones and metal and used for decorative purposes. What easily springs to mind are necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, cufflinks, pendants, the typical ornamental items of jewelry that have been sought after by mankind for thousands of years.

Why Do People Wear Jewelry

On the surface, we wear jewelry to express affection and love. However, there's a deeper reason to why man has always sought to adorn himself with various ornamental pieces of jewelry. Have you ever asked yourself why Queen Elizabeth's crown is so heavily adorned? Much of it is about power and prestige more than it's about showing your girlfriend that you love her by getting her a cute tennis bracelet on Valentine's Day. Because high end jewelry costs an arm and a leg, people automatically think of you as wealthy if you're always putting on expensive necklaces and earrings. Just think about it! People often use jewellry as promotional business gifts in order to help advertise their business. This is popular for businesses in the jewelry sector.

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Group Affiliation

When it comes to music and entertainment, wearing certain types of jewelry is important when if you want to project a certain type of image. So quite naturally, many Hip Hop artistes have come to be known for wearing heavy neck chains, gold rings and studs.

The Most Popular Types Of Jewelry

There isn't a closed list of jewelry types. It appears new pieces are being created at every turn, and there are a few interesting ones too. But there are popular types that will never go away.

* Antique Jewelry.

Antique jewelry is typically at least 100 years old. Because of this, one standout characteristic of antique jewelry is how it is representative of its time. For example, classical, renaissance jewelry is bold and detailed as an embodiment of an era of great artistic sophistication.

* Estate Jewelry. This easily falls into the former category. However, what makes it different is the manner in which it is acquired, i.e. by lineage ties and inheritance. The fact that it is pre-owned doesn't make it vintage though. It simply means that someone left it in their estate when they passed on, which is why at auctions bidding is often preceded by a provenance or captivating background story.

* Costume Jewelry. The kind of jewelry you'd put on if you don't want to risk losing your $100 000 bracelet by mistake at the New Year's party. Made to look EXACTLY like fine jewelry -diamond, gold, pearls, rubies- but far from the real thing! Being less expensive reproductions, they don't need to be insured as is the case with vintage and fine jewelry.

Where To Buy Jewelry

Last, but certainly not least, where can one buy jewelry for their promotional business gifts. As obvious as it might seem, it all depends. For example, if it's vintage jewelry you're after, then your best bet is an estate auction. However, for newer and more modern pieces of fine jewelry, it's recommended that you buy from a reputable jeweler.